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The U-bath is an innovative product from the SPA series for the home. It combines several useful modes and functions.

The user can get a full relaxation while taking a bath. He can also use the sauna mode and quickly refresh himself, and at the same time, save water resources. In addition, the U-Bath has the function of reusing, cleaning and temporary storage of water. The design of the bath provides its usage by people with disabilities.

Thanks to modern materials, you can add new features and amenities to familiar things. Applying the silicone materials and caoutchouc allows changing the shape of the bath to the specific needs of the user. In the first mode, the bath looks like a couch on which the user can sit. Another mode allows him to turn out the walls of the bath – in this position the bath can be filled with water. In addition, the third mode involves the closure of the baths walls, for the implementation of a full-fledged steam sauna. Since caoutchouc is a flexible material and it has a low thermal conductivity, except the easy change of provisions, it provides a safety to the users, – there is no possibility to hit yourself. Thus, we were thinking of comfortable and tactile aspects while designing this product – the soft bath is pleasant to the touch, it is not cold,and the water will stay hot much longer. The filter and internal storage provides the reuse of the water. A steam generator with a temperature controller is active, when the sauna mode is on. After filtration, before being reused, the water is additionally cleaned by a high temperature. The built-in menu, on the wall of the bath, regulates all these functions.

The pace of life is constantly accelerating and, sometimes, we do not have any time to relax and rejuvenate. Undoubtedly, a good relax in the bath will greatly help in this case. Nowadays, many people don’t take a bath due to the fact that this pleasure is an unnecessary waste of nature resources and their own savings. And what if the everyday bath treatment becomes more economical, pleasant, variable and friendly for environment? Perhaps, you will not miss this pleasure!

This is how the idea of creating the U-bath was born, which can clean, accumulate, and then, after completing the procedure, allow reusing water as a steam sauna, for example. This sauna option will significantly save your time and water resources.