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  -    -  BJ APARTMENT
Architects: Slava Balbek, Anna Riabova
Project Area: 74 sq.m.
Project Year: 03/16 – 01/17 
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo credits: Slava Balbek
There might be many ways to name this apartment designed by 2B Group for a father and daughter, but one thought immediately enters your mind and stays there, while you absorb every line, detail and color – The Harmony of Contrasts.
To preserve a spirit of a hundred-year old space in a modern interior is never an easy task. The architects have proven once again that it is not only possible, but it can create an unmistakable connection between the old and the new, and invite a creative dialogue between generations.
The modern shapes of minimalistic style are obvious – straight lines, cubic forms, angles everywhere. But the modernism is softened by the original arches of the recessed windows left intact; the curves of a vintage-style upright piano; the roundness of the light fixtures.
The original brickwork, left exposed in the living room, is in harmony with the chrome of the modern kitchen. The heavy earthy colors of partitions and furniture bring out the bubbly lightness of the artwork in the kid’s space upstairs.
The balcony with its original ironwork railing and vintage-style tiles works well with its modern furniture, inviting for a cup of coffee and a view of an old Kiev street.
You can’t help but notice that the diverse spaces of this apartment are linked together by a thread of green. From the potted plants to the items and elements of furniture, to the floor of the private space, the greens anchor your line of vision and unite the space.
Overall, the feeling this apartment creates is of a quiet respect for historical old, in harmony with a fast-paced modern way of life.