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Ukrainian MODERN_ISM
  -    -  Ukrainian MODERN_ISM
For: Milan Design Week 2019

Soon the capital of Lombardy will become the main design area of Europe – from the 9th to the 14th of April 2019 Milan will host the international exhibition Milan Design Week’19! Hundreds of exhibitors and brands will demonstrate their creativity and showcase modern furniture, decor, and lighting for guests. The main thing is that this year will be special for Ukraine – 7 Ukrainian designers will present the MODERN_ISM project on a joint stand at the Superstudio Expo site, located on Via Tortona, 27.

Presenting the project, the curators – architect Olga Bogdanova, product designer Kateryna Sokolova, cultural manager Olena Oranskaia, and coordinator Daryna Ignatieva – draw attention to the fact that modernism should again become MODERN – that is to say, neoteric, innovative, experimental, creating a new reality and combining different branches and technologies. In turn, the _ISM, like an umbrella, combines other trends and movements in non-classical art, giving a new dimension to reality. Natasha Yegorova (TASHA ORO), Eugene Puklych (container), Oksana Levchenya (OLK_MANUFACTORY), Masha Reva (MASHA REVA X NADIIA), Katerina Sokolova (NOOM), the team of Svoya Studio designers and Yuriy Ryntovt (RYNTOVT DESIGN) will show their own rethought of the Ukrainian modernism history, its simplicity, energy and attractive innovative solutions to actual problems, by turning deep meaning into material design products.

Organizers emphasize that Milan Design Week is one of the largest events in the field of European design, which presents the latest innovations in furniture design globally. The event attracts guests from around the world – in 2018, 434,509 people from 188 countries visited it in the 6 days of the exhibition. Representatives of all leading media are also gathered here, visiting the main venues in search of new talents and extraordinary ideas. Therefore, the participation of Ukrainian designers with the support of the Prostir86 design platform, Foundation Art-East + Art-West, and Ukrainian Institute is a step toward the world recognition of Ukraine as a creative nation.

TASHA ORO art objects are the fields of the total experiment. Here, a metamorphosis of post-industrial trash is embodied in radical forms, and research of cultural codes of modernity reaches to archaic layers of a society′s subconsciousness. Founder of the brand Natasha Yegorova will present three lines – authentic jewelry, interior decoration, and art – objects.

The designer Eugene Pucklich believes that every item that people use should be utile. Utility, in his opinion, consists of a trinity: functionality (direct purpose), convenience in combination with reliability, and aesthetics. According to Eugene, modernism provides ample opportunities for experimentation. The Contain Air collection is made up of a round aluminum pipe, which has a characteristic profile and allows you to create “anti corps” furniture and build up proportions with a system of points and lines.

A Kyiv-based company OLK MANUFACTORY produces traditional and modern hand-woven rugs and tapestries. Through her workshop, Ukrainian artist Oksana Levchenya, founder and CEO of OLK Manufactory, managed to create a new product, combining unique modern designs, folk ornaments and traditional crafting techniques that appeared in the 16th century. Each stage of production – design, yarn-dyeing, intertwining by hand and steaming of the ready-made kilim – is realized directly in the workshop.

Designer and founder of the Ryntovt Design workshop Yuriy Ryntovt says that SE NUX collection, which is made in the author’s technique of wicker walnut intarsia, make a real “dialogue with the outside world and nature”. The main ideas of the series are penetration, combination and integration of different materials into one object.

The Svoya Studio designer team says: “The combination of high professionalism and boundless love of creative process makes it possible to design unique objects”. The team will present a Raise Vase – a multifunctional ceramic object, which can both be a pot for plants and a flower vase. Another product from designers is the comfortable Smooth chair.

Nadiia is a brand focused on unlocking the spiritual, artistic and tactile potential of physical objects we encounter in our everyday life. The first chapter is a collection of ceramics handmade in Ukraine using traditional craft techniques in collaboration with Kyiv-based artist Masha Reva. The ethos of the project is to combine traditional craft techniques and materials, which have a unique history, with the cutting-edge talent of contemporary creatives.

Two series of NOOM brands that will be presented by their author – Katerina Sokolova – are inspired by Ideas and forms of the artistic movement Suprematism. They are based on a line and simple geometric shapes – a circle, a square, and a rectangle. The ORB spherical sculptural composition consists of seven metal candlesticks, each of which has two functional sides for different types of candles. And the collection of décor EL, is named after El Lisitsky – the outstanding painter of the twentieth century. It continues the Suprematic line of vases and lightings from NOOM.

To be acquainted with the products that will be presented at the international event, as well as purchase them, you can go to the Prostir86 official site.