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  -    -  IN A WHISPER
Lutsk, Ukraine | 2021
Area: 343 m²​​​​​​​
Company name: Bogdanova Bureau
Project manager: Oleksandr Vasyliev
“You see a person, talk to them for a few minutes and already imagine the script you can offer for their home. Design is like a movie where we are the directors. I would call this movie “In a whisper”. The plot is about functional orderliness with the elegance of clean lines.” — shares Olga Bogdanova
The building is located on a hill in the picturesque place next to the river. Large windows and the terrace on the second-floor level unite inner and outer spaces. The bureau got involved in the project on the building stage where they could implement some layout changes to make it more functional.
The emotional center of the building is the roomy atrium where the big living room with the fireplace locates. The vertical construction of the fireplace, more than 6 meters high, is lined with travertine. This solution emphasizes the height of the space. Saint-Germain sofa system from the new Poliform collection shows the sensitivity of our world. The large-scale pendant by Santa & Cole works just the same way. The color and intensity of its light immerse us in the sunset atmosphere.

 The main kitchen and the dining room are united. The large table in the dining room was designed by Bogdanova Bureau. It has a wave-shaped steel base and a stone tabletop which is divided into two equal parts. It offers two options on how to use the table. When there are only family members at the table, they occupy one part, and the other can be decorated with candles, a vase with flowers, or other decorative stuff that creates a mood. The table does not feel outrageous and empty this way. When the house is full of guests, the whole tabletop becomes functional.

S2 table
The series of tables “stronger than ever”: S2 

There are two living rooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a guest bedroom with a bathroom on the first floor. On the second floor, we placed the master bedroom and the children’s room

The second living room is the home cinema with a large two-level sofa.

We pay special attention to the children’s room. It is the sacred place where the client’s children are growing up and forming memories. We divided the room into playing space and sleeping space to make kids switch between activities and the rest easily.
The whole interior was created with natural colors and surfaces like stone, light oak and microcement. Sometimes you can meet deep red objects there. We offered them a good wine for dinner.

“We aimed to create an interior where the main accents are people and signs of their life. Like a jacket on the sofa back, an apple in the vase, or a glass of wine on the marble kitchen island.” — shared Olga Bogdanova, the architect.