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Family House
  -    -  Family House

We designed this building for a gated community in Kyiv neighborhood. We joined the project when it already had the idea of modular architecture. An interesting feature of this house is that it can be moved from one place to another. For this purpose, all the communications are disconnected, a house is transferred to a lorry-mounted crane by a special hanger on its roof and it is transported and installed on a new site.

The other unusual thing is a possibility to transform a house and enlarge the inner space. An owner can choose the basic model which includes a living room, a kitchen, a master bedroom, two bathrooms and two guest rooms (sometimes used for children), or add some other modules like a cabinet, a wardrobe, a separate kitchen or another bedroom.

We choose Alucobond panels to the facade of the first floor and timber cladding covering on the ground floor to show this beautiful coexisting of natural and artificial. It bridges the gap between city life habits and our authentic rural roots. Huge windows from bottom to top make us feel totally integrated into the natural space.

Designing the interior for this project is a fascinating and challenging task. The building ought to bear 10.0 magnitude of seismic activity that means that all finishes inside have to meet tough requirements. So there will not be any gyp boards and tiles will be assembled to special glues.

The demand for suburban housing goes through the roof nowadays. The experience of lockdown we have recently had emphasized some advantages of living in the countryside. We found out that a lot of working issues could be done remotely and we need real meetings less often than we thought before. Wouldn’t it be better to have a green picturesque view outside the window than constantly looking at grey buildings that remind of anthills? Living in such a private house is kind of a compromise between city life and a total downshifting. Rich nature goes alongside with the local infrastructure and thoughtful system of services. Family House could be used as a place where you spend your weekends or live all the time.