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Ukrainian Modern_ism at DDW’18
  -    -  Ukrainian Modern_ism at DDW’18

Dutch Design Week takes place in Eindhoven on October 20-28. One of the central places of TAC (Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven) is occupied by a project called Creative Ukraine. It is a shared exhibition united by a common topic which is Modern_ism.

Architect Olga Bogdanova, cultural manager Olena Oranska and product designer Kateryna Sokolova as curators and graphic designer of the stand Alyona Solomadina view modern Ukrainian design as research, development, and experiment. Rough times demand unusual approaches. Modernism as a way of thinking helps to find such approaches.

Social design. It is so natural for Eindhoven’s creative environment, but it is important for Ukraine too. Cuba-Buba project by studio Decorkuznetsov is a unit for the rehabilitation of children with neurological conditions. Also, a MOLNIYA project by Iryna Goloob will be presented at the exhibition – it is a socket created for people that have some medical conditions with hand motility.

Research.  Kateryna Morgental from studio MORGENTAL hid rhythms of modernistic poems on patterns of her home textile collection. Alyona Solomadina presents another textile project which explores the heritage of Soviet neo-modernistic architecture.

Emotional involvement. The kinetic installation Well by Andrey Khvorostyanov is an example of a design that provokes emotional contact.

Upcycling. Nataliya Egorova uses industrial garbage to create accessories for her Tasha Oro brand.

Light. People in the Netherlands fill lack daylight. That’s why the lamp as a design object is so important here. In the Ukrainian stand, we have a lot of them. Inna Pedan, Andrii Zinchuk, Nikolay Sokolov, Vasyl Grublyak and Kateryna Sokolova (Noom) show different designs of lamps.

New form/function balance. Eugene Puklich presents his anty- cabinet furniture. You can invent by yourself a function for elegant 3d printed rings by ABCDRINGS studio.

Rethinking local traditions and materials. Serhyi Mahno’s studio follows its significant motto: let’s art the world! Goloob Design Bureau creates laconic lamps, vases, and decor from ceramic. Artistic fashion jewelry designed by Masha Reva for a jewelry brand Ellipsee shows unusual forms and shapes as well, as ceramics that Masha and Nadia Shapoval started producing recently. OLK brand makes prominent and modern textiles in traditional techniques of handicraft weaving.

Dutch Design Week is different from a lot of other important design invents because of its strong intelligent emphasize. Professionals here are focused on ideas, technologies, and innovations. They present some research or some point of view, but not a readymade product you can place in your living room. Often it looks more like a question that doesn’t have a correct answer. You can think about Eindhoven as the brain of European design society. The fact that Ukrainian designers are taking part in Dutch Design Week for the second year in a row is a big deal. It means our designers and curators think wider than how to cover customers’ demands, they ask questions and are looking for answers.