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Bogdanova Bureau Office
  -    -  Bogdanova Bureau Office
Kyiv, 2021
Area : 100 m²
Bogdanova Bureau team
Photographer : Yevhenii Avramenko
To our new office in the center of Kyiv Bogdanova Bureau moved in half a year before the war started in Ukraine. After a year of online work on quarantine, the bureau team got together in these walls – fully understanding the importance of life interaction. 


After only 6 months the office again became empty. True lonely windows it eyes the city, in which several times a day, it is torn apart by sirens and explosions. The office windows watches a beautiful landscape – the central park of Kyiv and the legendary red section of the university of Shevchenko – one of the only landscapes which remains unchanged for over 100 years. 
In the heart of Kiev on the street of Tereshchenkivska, also called the street of museums, is located a 6-story house with the number “13”. It was built in 1913-1914 and served as a gallery and a rental for a famous Ukrainian collector and founder Bogdan Hanenko. 


The architecture of the house units is modern and neo-classic.
In his time most of the apartments were rentals. In 1919 the manor was nationalized… In the time of the second world war, the house was heavily damaged. It was reconstructed in 1947 and was replanted into communal apartments. Today it is a multi-apartment house in which are located offices, and personal apartments. The house is a monument of architecture. 
“When I first entered this space, my heart stopped. I was astounded – the view from the windows was incredible. It is a real pleasure to glaze at the sunset at the end of the work day in the walls of my favorite office with a team of like-minded people”, says Olga Bogdnaova. An architect is like an artist, the space around – it is a blank piece of paper, a canvas for creativity. To achieve the effect of passe-partout, walls and ceiling were painted in French gray color. It is a neutral and comfortable for the eyes font which shows what is important. 


The space of the office is an open space in which are connected workspaces, meeting area, and an open kitchen. The office of the main architect takes up a humble space and is cut off from the main zone only by glass doors. This is also the logic for sustainable luxury because the real treasure of a modern leader is the team from which there is no need to hide in an office behind closed doors.
The office project is built on the philosophy of suitable luxury. In its logic of this philosophy is the responsible and caring attitude to everything: the team, clients, culture heritage, natural resources. Sustainable luxury is the not random placement of expensive items and is the exact opposite. It is a thoughtful choice of the best materials which will serve long and is reliable. It is the search for refined interior materials that give comfort today and tomorrow become good investments. 

A big table for work related meetings, lunches, and the table in the office of the main architect, it is the product of the personal design. The tables are made by order from travertine and non-rusting steel. The decorative ceiling light above the central table-it is an island of quiet and the official center of the space. The line of the ceiling lamp resembles the form of the windows. The armchair and the acoustic panel in the community zone, it is a prototype of new items by the design of Bogdanova bureau. Which will soon start mass production by Ukraine brands.

Pendant lamp: Santa&Cole — Lámina | 2018
Table : Bogdanova Bureau | 2021

Chairs (vintage) Marcel Breuer | 1982

Kinetic sculpture by Hover Smith&Winken

Sculpture “The space around” Nazar Bilyk


Items that only gain more value each day are responsible for the feeling of luxury in our office. It is contemporary art and collectable design. Sculpture of famous sculpture Nazar Bilik “The space around” depending on the time of day it looks different. It is almost an alive object which reflects on what it sees.

Working chair and table : Nowy Styl | 2021
Coffee table : Hay — Bowler | 2019
Armchair : Bogdanova bureau — Fly | 2020
Painting : Viktoriia Shkliar | 2021
Chair : &Tradition — Elefy | 2020
Chairs (vintage) : Marcel Breuer | 1982

In the bathroom is located a colored reflection of what we see in our windows, red section. They don’t see each other and this was the main thought process and symbolism of this choice.

The most special place is the balcony, the point of intersection between the office and historical Kyiv.  
It is well known that the most interesting things are born in locations that intersect each other.