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365 Man & Kids
  -    -  365 Man & Kids
Architects: Olga Bogdanova, Oleg Matiushchenko
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 136m2
Photograph: Andrey Bezuglov
Branding: PRAVDA studio (Ilya Nepravda & Olha Nepravda)

Recently the 365 Beauty Studio on Anna Akhmatova street in Kyiv has been updated with Men’s and Kids’ zones. It was our second experience of cooperation with 365 since a year ago we had created the interior of their flagship studio

The men’s zone of the studio does not resemble any typical masculine barbershop. It is sustained in green and white shades as signature colors of 365 chain. Bar remains the central point of the men’s zone. There you can get some coffee, tea or cocktails, or even have some snacks. In the same hall, there are three barber armchairs, two places for manicure, and shelves with some professional cosmetics you can buy in the salon.

One more armchair for clients is located beyond the wall in a VIP zone. There you can get service in a cozy atmosphere separately from other clients or get several procedures altogether to cut the time you spend in the salon. The men’s zone has a bathroom for which we have created a green concrete sink in collaboration with Vadim Artemenko and his C.I.Form workshop.

We highlighted the kids’ zone with the yellow color. You can get there through the separate entrance but also from ladies’ and men’s zones. It is useful for parents who come with children and stay in the studio to get their procedures.

Besides two client armchairs in the kids’ zone, there is a playroom with a mezzanine and a kind of a slide made from a net. Even kids who do not like getting haircuts like to come to 365 Studio because of its playground.

Working with a chain is a unique experience for us. When we step through some distance along with a client, we can embrace the DNA of their brand and transmit it in different modes and scales. – Olga Bogdanova the founder of Bogdanova Bureau said.